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Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club offer businesses and individuals the opportunity show their support by means of sponsorship.




We are the club of choice when it comes to hosting major events like the Rebel Women’s, team playing in their national competition on

Foxtel, Rebel Rising games are also televised giving the club national and international exposure which other codes do not provided.

We also host Grand Final day supporting 9 finals that is live streamed. We also host  the Sri Lankan 7s, Vic Masters Festival, Pacific Cup and Vic Old Schools. We also hosted the China National Rugby Men’s and Women’s Teams during the summer.  


We have also partnered with a community group call Iron Armour Academy, they specialised in filling the leadership gap by providing support for young people and athletes. They offer tailored, evidence based mentoring and elite training programs throughout the community, schools and youth justice, grass roots and professional sports clubs.

Supporting Box Hill Rugby means supporting the community both within and around the club this includes;

  • An extremely ethnically diverse player and supporter base

  • One of the fastest growing sports in Australia

  • Women and Girls in Sport, a key area of focus in today’s politics


Community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an ever- greater concern in the minds of the Australian and International consumer.

Sponsoring Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club therefore gives your company a unique opportunity to fulfill this CSR while also engaging with the Victorian Rugby Community including both players and the ever-growing numbers of amateur rugby supporters in Victoria

One survey highlighted that 73% of Consumers in the 15 largest markets in the world are willing to recommend companies that are perceived to be delivering on CSR.


As you can see, we offer advertising and marketing exposure that no other community codes can provide to a true global market for great value. 


For package information please click on the link below to review all our options, for more information please contact me. via Mobile or email details below.


Join the Broncos in 2023! 


Jack Goodman: 0409 197 865

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